How Confident Women Get Back on Track

I was traveling with a tour group in Italy a number of years ago. When we arrived, one of the couples was missing their luggage.

You would have thought the world had fallen apart.

They chewed out the tour guide (who was a native of the city and had just met our group) and complained loudly for two and half days.

On the third day, we were sitting with another couple for dinner when we discovered their luggage had also been lost. Up until that very minute, no one else in our party...

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Success Comes When You Lead With Your Strengths

Learn to embrace your unique gifts and talents.

We all have unique gifts and talents. We’re really good at some things and, well, not so good at others.

For instance, I will never be an opera singer, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, or an engineer. Those just aren’t my strengths.

I spent a year and a half majoring in electrical engineering before I finally threw in the towel and recognized my strengths weren’t there.

I had a successful 20-year...

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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Embrace fear.

Early in my professional speaking career, I was hired to keynote a group of about 300 small business owners at a networking conference.

At the time, this was the largest group I had spoken to and, as you might imagine, my stomach got tight just thinking about it.

“Will I be good enough?” and “I hope I survive” were the first two thoughts I had.

Until I realized I was about to sabotage the very success I wanted to achieve!


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How to Achieve Big Goals

Why your goals keep tripping you up and how to fix it.

Denis Waitley said, “Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results.” You almost have to read that quote twice to understand his message.

There is a psychological test, originally developed by Dr. Julian Rotter, called the “Locus of Control” that essentially determines where an individual places the power to control events in their lives and determine the desired outcome. 

They perceive...

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4 Ways to Set Effective Personal Boundaries

How to change the way people treat you.

Boundaries are our invisible “property lines.” They help define who we are, establish what we’re willing to tolerate and protect us from the unacceptable behavior of other people.

It’s up to you to communicate your boundaries to others. The goal isn’t necessarily to get others to change their behavior all the time.

It is to get others to change their unacceptable behavior when they are around you.

For instance,...

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What Does Authenticity Mean for Women Leaders?

Successful women share a single, defining characteristic that, once embraced, usually define a turning point in their success.

Once they embrace their natural gifts and revel in their true identity, their success takes off.

For some, this means they have to come to terms with long-lost passions and decide that pursuing them is more fulfilling than playing it safe.

Some will have to untangle tightly-woven relationships and let go of people they've collected over the years - people...

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