025: Disney’s Lee Cockerell Creates Leadership Magic


Disney's Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell is the former Executive V.P. of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma State University, and served in the US Army. He’s authored three best selling books, The Customer Rules, Creating Magic, and Time Management Magic. Before being responsible for all guest operations at Disney World, Lee […]

024: Diane Cunningham Leads the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE) with Grit and Gratitude


Diane Cunningham of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE)

Diane Cunningham is the Founder and CEO of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She’s also a speaker, a published author, and a plane crash survivor. You’ll enjoy her mission, her perspective on life, and her fascinating journey into entrepreneurship. Click to Listen Episode Resources & Links In this episode, I mentioned several resources you […]

023: Click It Up A Notch with Courtney Slazinik


Courtney Slazinik - Click It Up A Notch

It took a broken camera at a critical moment to launch Courtney Slazinik of Click it Up a Notch into a thriving business teaching others how to take photographs of a lifetime. Courtney both mentions and embodies Farrah Gray’s sentiment: “Build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs.” She shares some great […]

How the Servant Leadership Institute Walks Their Talk

Women's Leadership Day at the LPGA Kia Classic

Last Thursday I attended Women’s Leadership Day as part of the LPGA Kia Classic and sponsored by the Servant Leadership Institute. I’m not a golfer, and felt only slightly out of my element, but I do love the opportunity to hear from accomplished women who lead with confidence and passion. This event didn’t disappoint. In fact, […]

021: Three Instant Improvements to Your Executive Presence


Improving Executive Presence

Executive presence is the “it” factor for those that aspire to leadership positions. It’s that confidence and gravitas that helps you achieve results, influence others, and get to the top. And it’s considered one of the top requirements for promotion to senior level positions. This episode gives you 3 instant improvements you can make to your executive presence. […]

020: Leaving Corporate America with Tammy Helfrich


Tammy Helfrich

Tammy Helfrich left a steady corporate job at a Fortune 500 company to follow her passion. By encouraging, empowering, and connecting people with their passion and hosting her wildly successful podcast, “Right Where You Are,” Tammy shows us all how to live a bigger story. Click to Listen Links and Resources Tammy’s Website Tammy’s Podcast in iTunes: Right Where You Are […]

019: LeeAnne Ruff Helps Us All Reach Higher


LeeAnne Ruff

LeeAnne Ruff’s approach to life, business, faith, and family is to always be reaching higher. You’ll be inspired by her passion for helping others live their bigger story though leadership, self-respect, trust, determination, and an unflinching belief in service to others. LeeAnne led a dynamically successful sales team for over twenty years and now finds tremendous […]

018: How Optimism Feeds the Entrepreneurial Mindset


How Optimism Feeds the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Optimism is more important than self-esteem or self-confidence in sustaining resilience and the entrepreneurial mindset. There are 3 distinct ways our attitude develops over time. This episode breaks them down so you can replace your exposure, habits, and interpretation of negative events with a more optimistic attitude. For entrepreneurs, this translates into productivity, profit, and […]