Let’s Face It

Leadership development programs aren’t always designed with women in mind – we try to follow the traditional models of leadership.

But somewhere along the way we get, well, stuck.

Off track. Overwhelmed.

Even a little discouraged.

I get it. Truly, I do.

As a twenty-year Naval Officer, I worked in some unusual places doing unusual things, with some pretty interesting leaders. And almost 90% of them were men.

Many women struggle to lead with confidence and authority.

I help them develop executive leadership skills so they can achieve their highest potential in life, love, and business.

And I speak and consult with businesses, associations, institutions, and non-profits to help them develop strong, confident, effective women leaders.

You know the kind of woman I’m talking about.

She salivates over good shoes and bags (who doesn’t?) but spends the money on her kids instead.

She probably owns a Vitamix and a yoga mat but still feels guilty when she eats that leftover marshmallow bunny from her kid’s Easter basket she has hidden in her desk drawer.

(Not that I’ve ever done that. Really…let’s move on…)

She’s intelligent, educated, creative and romantic.

She secretly loves to dance, probably belongs to a networking, book, or women’s club, vacations in both high-class resorts and RVs (although she’d cruise the Caribbean with her best friend in a heartbeat), plays a little tennis, gets her nails done, occasionally does girls night out, and volunteers at the school when she can.

She’s smart, dedicated, and ready to be fearless, rich, and radiant.

I want to THANK YOU for all you do, say, and write! Over the years I have been uplifted by your inspiring words and especially, on occasion when I want to give up, I will recall some of your stories and power up! You are the best of the best Ann!Mary Ablao
Registered Art Therapist


I speak, train, facilitate workshops, and produce a weekly podcast.

You can learn more about my topics, events, prior engagements, booking process, and testimonials here.

Executive Coaching

I coach a handful of executive women and business owners who want to create a bigger impact and increase their influence, credibility, and value to their organization, even if it’s their own.

I work on retainer, which allows my clients almost unlimited access and flexibility. It’s a true partnership that creates rapid, productive, performance-based results.

Learn more about coaching with me here.

Every conversation I’ve had with Ann has been wow, wow, wow.

Two things are important to me – to pay the food bill and pay Ann. Because Ann is right up there with food!Emilia Provencio
Top Producing Realtor

Educational Background

My degrees are in Human Behavior (Masters) and Psychology (Ph.D.)

My master’s thesis on personal vision and how it affects our intrinsic motivation gave me a deep grasp of what motivates us to move forward, where we get stuck, and how to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs and results.

My doctoral research established new ground in the area of the success factors among women business builders and entrepreneurs. (I am currently the leading academic authority on the mindset and behaviors of successful women who operate their business online.)

In a nutshell, I understand what makes ambitious women tick and can skillfully guide them to be even more successful.

Leadership Background

I served 20 years as a Naval Officer, which still boggles my mind, since I’ve never really been a rule follower.

It taught me the value of self-discipline, the appreciation for working with people of integrity, and the love of freedom.

If you’re thinking about making a drastic career transition or reinventing your life, who better to mentor you than someone who made a successful metamorphosis from the rigid world of the military to the wild west of entrepreneurship?

What You’ll Get From Me

Encouragement more than anything. And hope for a bigger, bolder future.

I write, blog, speak, train, coach, and podcast about issues that help women achieve their highest potential in life, love, and business. Growing up, stepping up, and living up to the life they were given.

TessIt’s about being extraordinary in the ordinary moments.

Oh, and occasionally I share a few things about my life here in sunny San Diego, where I drink green smoothies (go kale!), suffer through yoga, travel as much as possible, hang with my superhero gal-pals, and live with my Pilot, The Schmoo, and the sweetest Westie on the planet, whose name is Tess.

What To Do Next

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Dr. Ann Vertel is a 20-year Naval Officer and women's leadership expert who speaks and consults with businesses, associations, institutions, and non-profits to help them develop strong, confident, effective women leaders. She is dedicated to helping women develop executive leadership skills so they can lead with confidence and authority, and achieve their highest potential in life, love, and business.

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