You Are Not Off Track


When you are a young, single, hotshot professional, it feels like the only way is up. You graduate from school, land a good job, and proceed to wrap your life around it and your almost certain date with destiny. Sure, sure, you plan to get married some day and have children, but that couldn’t possibly […]

How Long Is Too Long?


People ask me how my business is doing and I have this insane desire to tell them my mother just died. That’s what I said for about six months, followed by the statement she had died “this year.” In recent months, it became “well, my mom died last year.” And that is true. But it’s […]

How Entrepreneurs and Startups Are Born


What are the odds you have been sitting on a fantastic idea for quite some time now? I’d say they’re pretty good. You’ve been in this world for awhile and you’ve likely figured out how to do something better or cheaper or faster than anyone else. Or you’ve looked all over for something you’d like […]

What’s Hiding Out In Your Business?


We have a silver ice bucket and candelabra in the closet of the bathroom by kitchen. It makes no sense, really, but that’s where they’ve been for eighteen years since we moved into this house. They live in that cabinet because that’s where we first put them, temporarily, just for now, just while we get […]

2 Ways To See Your Future


Michelangelo discovered a huge, rough marble rock in a quarry and instantly knew what it was destined to become. Within it he could actually see his masterpiece “The David” and later said he merely had to carve away the unnecessary marble and he would have his statue. Imagery Helps Us Create a Compelling Vision For […]

4 Ways to Set Effective Boundaries

Effective Boundaries

Boundaries are our invisible “property lines.” They help define who we are, establish what we’re willing to tolerate, and protect us from the unacceptable behavior of other people. It’s up to you to communicate your boundaries to others. The goal isn’t necessarily to get others to change their behavior all the time. It is to get others to change […]

Something More


Wake up. Brush your teeth. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Go to work. Run errands. Take care of the kids. Pay bills. Go to bed. Is that all there is? Ever feel trapped in a life that is entirely unrecognizable from the one you dreamed of as a kid? One where each day looks like the one before and it almost […]

Feedback and the 98% Crowd


Remember the last time you got negative feedback? Ouch! Even if you also got lots of positive feedback, those negative words were probably the ones cemented into your brain. When I was teaching at the Center for Naval Leadership, we received class critiques at the end of the two-week training. Even if 29 out of 30 students […]