Let’s Get Real

As a twenty-year Naval Officer, I worked in some offbeat places doing some pretty unusual things, with some very interesting leaders. And almost 90% of them were men.

To lead with confidence and authority, women need mentors and models who show them how to take charge and “lead like a woman,” instead of like a man or a girl.

That’s where I come in.

I help women develop executive leadership skills that bring out the best in them – so they can take charge of their career and move ahead faster.

I want to THANK YOU for all you do, say, and write! Over the years I have been uplifted by your inspiring words and especially, on occasion when I want to give up, I will recall some of your stories and power up! You are the best of the best Ann!Mary Ablao
Registered Art Therapist

AnnVertel_motivational-leadership-speakerKeynote Speaker

I speak, train, and consult with businesses, associations, institutions, and non-profits to help them develop strong, confident, effective women leaders.

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Executive Coach

I coach women who want to hone their professional development and leadership skills so they can take charge of their career, have greater influence, earn more money, and be promoted faster.

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Every conversation I’ve had with Ann has been wow, wow, wow. Two things are important to me – to pay the food bill and pay Ann. Because Ann is right up there with food!Emilia Provencio
Top Producing Realtor

What Makes Me Different

As a 20-year Naval Officer, Executive Coach, and Motivational Psychologist, I understand what makes ambitious women tick and can skillfully guide them to be even more successful.

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What You’ll Get From Me

Encouragement more than anything.

A grown-up model to follow. And hope for a bigger, bolder future.

I write, blog, speak, train, facilitate, coach, and podcast about issues that help women achieve their highest potential in life, love, and business.

Growing up, stepping up, and living up to the life they were given. Tess

It’s about being extraordinary in the ordinary moments.

Oh, and occasionally I share a few things about my life here in sunny San Diego, where I drink green smoothies (go kale!), play really bad tennis, travel as much as possible, hang with my superhero gal-pals, and live with The Test Pilot, The Teenager, and the sweetest Westie on the planet, whose name is Tess.

What To Do Next

The-Ann-Vertel-Show_1501. Would you like some upbeat, encouraging motivation “in your head and between your ears?”

Next time you’re driving to work, working out, walking the dog, reading spreadsheets, or folding laundry, listen in and take charge of your life, career, and everything in between.

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