015: What Can You Really Change?


Can You Change Your Personality

Can you change your personality? How about your temperament, thoughts, or reactions? I’ll break it all down for you in this episode, so you’ll know how to embrace the parts of you that are simply “you” (in all their wondrous glory) and how to start making positive changes in the areas where you can. Click […]

How to Let Go of 2015

and live a bigger story in 2016!

On December 31st, when my daughter was only twelve, she and I snuck off to the Panera Bread on Orange Avenue for one of the most magical days of my life. Let me just say, goal setting makes me uncomfortable. Writing down goals feels like I’m committed and then obligated, and that makes my stomach […]

014: The 3 G’s of Resilience


The 3 Gs of Resilience

Quickly reframe any event, experience, or circumstance, and overcome any setback by following this simple 3-step formula. Click to Listen Episode Resources & Links In this episode, I mentioned several resources you might enjoy: Stephanie Fast Stephanie Fast’s fan page Child of Destiny – book by Stephanie Fast More Podcast Episodes What are your thoughts […]

013: How I Stay Calm Through the Holiday Season


How I Stay Calm Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season can make you feel like you’re in a blender. Here are 4 ways I stay calm. Click to Listen You’ll learn how to Let go of that “overwhelm” feeling. Get back a chunk of time that’s usually wasted. Eliminate or replace negative influences. Ways to fully “show up” for what’s important. Episode […]

012: How to Take a Quantum Leap


How to Make a Quantum Leap

Some people seem to burst on the scene as an “overnight success.” On this episode, I’ll share the tried-and-true way most people make a quantum leap into success, and how you can too! Click to Listen Episode Resources & Links The African Queen (trailer) with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson […]