005: Expect the Best [Podcast]

Expect to Win

Pygmalion, My Fair Lady, and a little-known research study, conducted in a San Francisco elementary school in 1968, can make or break your success as a leader. Whether we expect the best or worst from ourselves and others, we very often get it! Click to Listen Links and Resources More Episodes Thanks for Listening! If you […]

004: Five Steps to Take Back Your Power


We allow our personal power to be eroded by other people, circumstances, tolerations, and a lack of self-care. This episode will help you take solid action steps toward taking your life back so you can move forward toward achieving what you truly want. Click to Listen Links and Resources Book: “I Don’t Have to Make […]

003: How to Lead Anyone [Podcast]


To lead anyone, you must inspire, equip, show, and encourage. This episode gives you a framework and easy steps to motivate anyone you lead, whether at work, on a volunteer, committee, or at home. Learn how to lead (just about) anyone with a simple 4-step framework: Inspire them with a compelling vision. Equip them with a […]

002: Productivity for Procrastinators [Podcast]

Five steps for doing more with less


The goal of being more productive is elusive. No matter how much we do, it never feels like it’s enough – there is always more we could be doing. Strong, independent, ambitious, self-starting, high-performing, powerhouse women (like you!) already get more done in a day than most people get done in a week. This episode will […]

001: The Power of a Vision [Podcast]

The 3-step V.I.P. Formula for Creating an Ideal Future


The power of a vision isn’t what the vision is. It’s what the vision does. This episode guides you through the simple 3-step “V.I.P.” formula for creating a powerful, personal vision for your work, family, and everyday life. You’ll also hear about an unusual exercise that could help you achieve all your goals by this time next […]

Lead Like a Cow

Said No One. Ever.


When I was in my mid twenties, I drove this really cool black Mazda RX-7. It had gold Hayashi racing wheels, red pin stripes, and limousine tint on the windows. It was about the best car in the world to drive in your early twenties. I drove it into Boston one day and got hit […]

Network Like a Ninja

What leadership development programs for women often leave out

Network Like a Ninja

The best leadership development program for women will include the topic of networking. Women have innate skills they can use to their advantage when seeking a mentor and building strong alliances. Here are two: Women build flat organizations. In a business environment, men are friendly and women cultivate friends. While men tend to view loyalty as […]

How Small Business Owners Can Think Like a CEO

Think Like a CEO

The level of your financial success will be determined by your ability to think like the CEO of your business. If you make business and financial decisions from the perspective of someone “on the way up” you will always be in development mode. This is great for your creativity, but not for establishing yourself as the […]

How to Write More Gooder


I remember the first time an Amazon box was delivered to the house and it wasn’t addressed to me. My daughter was ordering and paying for her own books. The torch had been passed and I, in true mother fashion, was verklempt. I’ve always been an avid reader – I’m kind of a word junkie. […]