Small Business Coaching Program For

Women like us...

...are small business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs who believe in the American dream of having our own business, supporting our family, and being financially independent.

We believe in:

  • personal responsibility
  • independence
  • individual freedom
  • common sense
  • the free market
  • limited government
  • and the principles of God, family, and country.

We LOVE America and everything that makes it great. Many of us were military, law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, or have family and friends in those professions. Service feels like part of our DNA.

We are part of this program so we can:

  • connect
  • network
  • share best practices and trusted resources
  • support, encourage, and cheer each other on to even greater success.

Although we may have different kinds of businesses, we are united by our common American values.

If that sounds like you and you'd like to build a profitable business alongside other women who "get"'re in the right place.

Build, grow, market, scale, and thrive in a work-from-home business you love!

  • turn your gifts, talents, skills, experience, and expertise into work-at-home income
  • build, grow, market, and scale
  • learn from each other
  • share trusted resources
  • network like crazy
  • and have fun in the process!

God, family, country...and a profitable small business!

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Yes, let me in!

Kristina Hoyer

Dr. Ann Vertel is a powerhouse of a woman and if I could grow up to be anything like her when I’m older, I would be honored.

Edi Sowers

Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be.

Ashley Mahaffey

Dr. Ann Vertel taught us to effectively question ourselves - to set up questions so we can quickly move from inaction to action.