Mastermind Group
(my inner circle)

I run a private mastermind for no more than 10 like-minded women who want to take charge of their own success and achieve their goals in as short a time as possible.  

It's grounded in personal leadership, a love of the American dream, and the success factors of entrepreneurial women.

We meet weekly by webinar and members have direct access to me throughout the week by email, text, phone, and in a private online forum.

The group is fun (yay!), interactive, collaborative, and designed to move you and your goals forward quickly.

Network and brainstorm with an exclusive group of high-caliber women who share your vision and values.

Doors open again early 2022 - click "Yes, please!" to be placed on the VIP waitlist and be the first to know!

Yes, please!

Kristina Hoyer

Dr. Ann Vertel is a powerhouse of a woman and if I could grow up to be anything like her when I’m older, I would be honored.

Edi Sowers

Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be.