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Why Facilitation?

Training is didactic - it's one personal teaching another person how to do something. This is hierarchical as the trainer is a teacher.

Facilitation (or facilitated learning) is the art of raising a challenging or controversial topic and encouraging the students take more control of their learning process. 

Facilitation is collaborative. It is especially effective for colleagues who need a structure for thinking through new information, issues, or ideas.

A facilitator provides the structure and tools, controls the energy in the room, models the expected behavior, helps everyone to be heard, respects all viewpoints, and leads the discussion to a conclusion without influencing the result.

Bottom Line - Training involves learning - facilitation involves both learning and thinking.

Courses & Workshops

Facilitated training in 1, 2, or 3-day workshops, week-long training, or continuous learning courses.

Facilitated leadership training can exponentially improve your company's leadership training program.

Executive Retreats and Offsites

Nothing changes until people take charge, and that only happens when they discover the power of personal leadership. 

Away from the distractions of the workplace, and with the guidance of a master facilitator, powerful shifts happen quickly. 

Discover how facilitated training can dig deep, improve results, and breathe life into your leadership development programs.


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