I help women take charge of their life and career so they can love what they do and earn what they're worth.

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I love helping women move from a salaried job to meaningful work and limitless income using their gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Don't confuse "steady" income with "secure" income. If you can be fired from a steady job, the ever-present possibility of losing your income is not secure at all.

True security (although not always steady!) comes from having the ability to generate your own income anytime you need it.

One of the biggest questions I get is "what do you actually do in coaching sessions?" Maybe this story will help:

A senior manager in a Fortune 500 company hired me to help her move to a bigger company with a promotion.

I asked her some very specific and targeted questions designed to drill down to the core issues that might be holding her back or limiting her beliefs.

Together we developed a vision and a timeline for her goal.

We strategized and role-played her salary negotiation so she was confident asking for a compensation package that made her feel uncomfortable but that she knew she was worth.

We talked by phone or by Skype several times a month - two months later she got the promotion she wanted and deserved!

Believe it or not, most of my clients' success stories start with a high-achiever and a burning desire to have more freedom, income, or energy.

A lot of people have spent decades working hard and building their career without stopping to consider if it's what they actually want.

They're successful but they just don't feel fulfilled.

They say things like "life is slipping away," "time is running out," or they "missed an on-ramp somewhere along the way."

I ask the type of targeted questions that get you moving quickly so you can stop pushing elephants uphill, spend more time with your family, and start living the life you've always wanted.

The 2 most common questions people ask about coaching with me are:

1. How long before I see results?

The honest answer is "that depends."

I've had clients achieve short-term goals in just a few sessions and others tackle long-range goals who were with me for six or more months.

It's really up to you and how ready, willing, and able you are to do the work.

Change takes effort and my job as a coach is to inspire you, encourage you, and push you to stretch and feel uncomfortable.

What you do with all that is up to you.

When clients invest real time, money, and effort into themselves, and have "skin in the game," they tend to get the results they're after as quickly as they can.

2. What is the cost?

Most coaches charge by the hour for their time - kind of like a time and materials contract with no specific end date.

Working with me is a little different.

I believe results matter and each client is a unique person with distinct learning styles and goals.

Once we talk on the phone and both of us agree we're a good fit, I'll provide you an offer that most likely involves a flat fee and a limited timeframe.

Naturally, you are free to accept it or decline.

I can also refer you to a handful of other coaches I like, trust, and respect.

Working with me is not cheap but you will see results if you commit to the work. The real question is, what is it costing you not to work with me?

Here's what I do to help my clients achieve success.

My role as a coach is to support your ideas, encourage your heart, challenge your assumptions, question your limiting beliefs, and give you unambiguous feedback so you can make real progress and see lasting results.

In everything, I will inspire you to think bigger, choose better, and act bolder.

You have the power to transform your life, love, and business.

You get to decide what success looks like for you - whether you'd like to make partner, start your own business, have more freedom, make more money, improve your relationships, start a foundation, or travel the world.

And I can help you do exactly that.

Meet Emilia, a Top Realtor now thriving in her business.

"Every interaction I’ve had with Ann has been wow, wow, wow. Two things are important to me – to pay the food bill and pay Ann. Because Ann is right up there with food!”

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Edi Sowers

Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be.

Jenifer Madson

There are few people I've known in my life who show up as authentically as Dr. Ann Vertel. She has the power of true motivation, which only comes from someone who is willing to fully walk her talk, as she does. These traits, coupled with her humor, empathy, and spirit make her the one to watch if you want a straight up dose of wisdom and inspiration.

Dawn Stone

Ann’s talk about establishing a personal and professional vision for our business was spot on for filtering our many talents into a potent and effective mission statement.

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