032: How to Take Charge of Negative Self-Talk

Positive thinking and positive self-talk can literally make us more productive - a great reason to think positively!

So how do we overcome negative thoughts and negative self-talk?

In this episode, I share 4 strategies for changing the way you think so your positive thinking and positive...

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014: The 3 G's of Resilience

If you'd like to be more resilient or anti-fragile, this episode is for you.

Quickly reframe any event, experience, or circumstance, and overcome setbacks by following this simple 3-step formula.

It's time to bounce back!

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010: Three Ways to Lead Like a Grown-Up

Want to know how to be a better leader? These 3 simple shifts will help you step up to a different way of leading, one that allows you to lead with confidence.

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009: How to Have More Energy

Do you know how to have more energy? More mental energy?

Nope, it’s not caffeine and more sleep (although more sleep is awesome!)

It’s all about discovering and enhancing your energy sources based on your own, personal temperament.

In this episode, I give you a 10-question energy...

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008: Five Simple Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Ready to feel more confident and build better self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem?

This episode will give you 5 easy and simple ways to be more self-confident.

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002: How to Be More Productive

Stop procrastinating.

Become more productive.

This episode gives you 5 very specific strategies to really and truly get things done.

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003: How to Lead Anyone

In leadership, you must inspire, equip, show, and encourage. This episode gives you a framework and easy steps to motivate anyone you lead, whether at work, on a volunteer, committee, or at home.

Learn how to lead (just about) anyone with this simple 4-step framework.

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001: The Power of a Personal Vision Statement

The power of a personal vision and a personal vision statement isn’t what the vision is - It’s what the vision does.

This episode guides you through the simple 3-step “V.I.P.” formula for creating a powerful, personal vision for your work, family, relationships, income,...

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