Hey there, I'm Ann

I've repelled out of a helicopter, been handcuffed to a barstool by the secret service (that's a story for another time!) and conducted international military protocol missions in almost every country in the pacific rim.

I love America and am proud, honored, and humbled to have served this great nation as a naval officer for 20 years.

After retiring, I built a successful business working from home.

Livin' the dream, right?

But working for myself often felt lonely and I spent years looking for a community of like-minded women who shared my values of God, family, and country.

So, I created one.

And now I get to connect with, support, encourage, and share everything I've learned with other entrepreneurial women who believe in American values and feel like family.

For me, the key to success is to "take charge" - to take full responsibility for everything we think, say, and do so we can show up, step up, and live up to this one-and-only life we've been given.

I love working with high-achieving women who believe in the American dream and have a burning desire to take charge of their own success so they can love what they do and earn what they're worth.

If that's you and you'd like to build your business alongside other women who share your values of faith, family, and freedom...you're in the right place.

Of course, it's not all work around here :-)

When I’m not working, you’ll find me walking the nearest beach with a hot cup of Hazelnut coffee (or an ice-cold beer) and my Westie named Tess, plotting world domination with my superhero gal-pals, traveling the globe with my test-pilot husband, or reading "just one more” psychology book.

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The "Official" Stuff


I had the honor of serving as a Naval Officer for 20 years, specializing in executive leadership education, training, and development and military protocol.

It taught me the value of self-discipline, the appreciation for working with people of integrity, the love of freedom, and a deep-seated belief in fighting for independence and liberty.


My advanced degrees are in Human Behavior (Masters) and Psychology (Ph.D.)

I wrote my master’s thesis on personal vision and how it affects our intrinsic motivation.

This gave me a deep grasp of what motivates us to move forward, where we get stuck, and how to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs and results.

My doctoral research and dissertation established new ground in the development of key success factors, self-efficacy, and mindset in high-achieving women entrepreneurs.

In a Nutshell

I understand what makes talented women tick and can quickly help them live up to their highest potential in life, love, and work.

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3 Things Keeping You From Earning What You're Worth

...and how to fix them!