I’ve helped thousands of high-performers, including doctors, lawyers, pilots, entrepreneurs, executives, and military veterans reach their highest potential.

As a military daughter, wife, sister, and 20-year veteran, I’m especially passionate about helping organizations hire, train, retain, and promote talented women veterans.

When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me walking the beach with my Westie named Tess, plotting world domination with my superhero gal-pals, traveling with my test-pilot husband, working out at the crack of dawn, or reading “just one more” psychology book.

Developing high-achievers who live up to their potential is what I do – I’d love to help you and your organization too.

The "Official" Stuff


I had the honor of serving 20 years as a Naval Officer specializing in executive leadership training and military protocol.

It taught me the value of self-discipline, the appreciation for working with people of integrity, and the love of freedom.


My advanced degrees are in Human Behavior (Masters) and Psychology (Ph.D.)

My master’s thesis on personal vision and how it affects our intrinsic motivation gave me a deep grasp of what motivates us to move forward, where we get stuck, and how to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs and results.

My doctoral research established new ground in the area of mindset, personal development, self-efficacy, and the success factors of business builders and entrepreneurs.

In a Nutshell

I understand what makes ambitious professionals tick and can quickly guide them to be even more successful.

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