Hi, I'm Ann.

I'm a happy wife and mom, avid reader, and seashore aficionado. Oh, and a coffee drinker, let's not forget coffee.

I'm also a business and motivational psychologist, keynote speaker, and consultant.

I help organizations develop strong women role models who live, love, and lead with confidence.

But really what I do is help women realize their worth, embrace their value, and take charge of their own success.

As a career Naval Officer, I spent decades in an organization that demanded my very best...and I loved it. 

But I also had to learn how to adapt and thrive in such a highly structured and driven institution without losing site of the things that matter most to me - family, faith, health, integrity, and relationships.

After retiring from the military, I began coaching high-achievers in leadership, management, and entrepreneurship and fell in love with watching them transform.

I've been speaking, training, coaching and consulting for 17 years now and I've developed a "take charge" formula for helping women leaders develop the personal leadership and emotional intelligence skills that make them truly successful.

These personal leadership skills are absolutely foundational for any world-class leadership development program.

I've helped thousands of high-performers including senior executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, aviators, and military veterans reach their highest potential.

As a military daughter, wife, sister, and veteran, I'm especially passionate about helping organizations hire, train, retain, and promote more women veterans.

A few years ago, I founded Dog Tags to Diamonds™, which is now the leading business network and online training program for military women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to turn 10,000 women veterans into financially independent women in business through the power of entrepreneurship.

When I’m not traveling around the country speaking, training, and consulting, you’ll find me walking the nearest beach with my Westie named Tess, plotting world domination with my superhero gal-pals, traveling for fun with my test-pilot husband, sweating my way through CrossFit, or reading “just one more” psychology book.

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I had the honor of serving 20 years as a Naval Officer specializing in executive leadership development and military protocol.

It taught me the value of self-discipline, the appreciation for working with people of integrity, and the love of freedom.


My advanced degrees are in Human Behavior (Masters) and Psychology (Ph.D.)

I wrote my master’s thesis on personal vision and how it affects our intrinsic motivation. This gave me a deep grasp of what motivates us to move forward, where we get stuck, and how to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs and results.

My doctoral research and dissertation established new ground in the development of key success factors, self-efficacy, and the entrepreneurial mindset.

In a Nutshell

I understand what makes talented women tick and can quickly help them live up to their highest potential in life, love, and work.

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