Hi, I'm Ann - a motivational psychologist, personal leadership expert, and 20-year naval officer.

I'm also a happy wife & mom, seashore aficionado, travel buff, entrepreneur, and America-first patriot.

You know how most women, even the super-successful ones, would love to have more freedom, more opportunities, and feel more confident?

Well, I help them do exactly that by helping them take charge of their life, their work, and everything in between.

And once they do, there's no stopping them!

They consistently show up, step up, and live up to their highest potential so they can live, love, and lead with confidence!

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Ashley Mahaffey

Dr. Ann Vertel taught us to effectively question ourselves - to set up questions so we can quickly move from inaction to action.

Edi Sowers

Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be.

Kristina Hoyer

Dr. Ann Vertel is a powerhouse of a woman and if I could grow up to be anything like her when I’m older, I would be honored.

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