Take Back Your Life!

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Dedicated to helping women build happy, healthy careers they love.

As a speaker, trainer, and coach, I draw on over 20 years of experience as a senior executive in one of the world's largest global organizations, along with 12 years as a women's success coach, researcher, and motivational psychologist to help women rapidly advance their career success.

Get clear on what you truly want, embrace your gifts, pursue a calling that feeds your passions, build affirming relationships, and honor your highest values, so you can stop feeling like you're missing out and live a bigger story!
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8 thoughts on “Take Back Your Life!

  1. Ann,
    I already receive emails from you but not sure it’s your newsletter you’re talking about here. I thoroughly enjoy everything you write!!! You’re awesome!!
    I’ve been in Mary Kay for nine years and someone, somewhere, years ago, sent me something from you and I’ve gotten so much out of your quotes and messages always! But sometimes, I’d want to hide from the truths you were saying!! Being a wimp!
    Anyway, just know you are an inspiration to me!

  2. ‘LOVED the “set up” article today . . . SOOOOOOOOO true for most all of us!! “Getting started” is the key to so many things . . . . . thanks, Ann!!

  3. Hi Ann, I just used your Featured Article: “Go Ahead, Dazzle Yourself” for a quick training topic for my consultants. Thank you! I also forwarded it to my director girlfriend. She loved it also.

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