Risk Taking – Jumping Off the Path of Least Resistance

There I was, hip-hop music blaring from the speakers, sweaty women everywhere, and I was sporting a scarf around my hips with little gold bangles.

Cha cha cha.

When it comes to risk taking, jumping off the path of least resistance can be the chance you need to change your behavior for the better.

Sometimes we don’t even realize our risk taking behavior has come to a dead stop (can you say boring?) until we look at our daily habits and the last time we tried something new.

Anything new.

Like the Zumba class I took this week – rocked my energy (and a lot of muscles I’d forgotten about!)

Watch this quick video to discover how to jump off your path of least resistance, fire up your results, and put your risk taking behavior to the test. Then leave me a comment in the section below and tell me what you’ll be doing new this week!

Be bold!

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Rock your day! :-)

If you'd like more freedom, more income, and a more healthy lifestyle, you're in the right place.

I help women who have been taking care of everyone else, take charge of their own life and learn to be fearless, rich, and radiant so they can live a bigger story and go after their dreams before it's too late.

Here you'll discover your calling, your passion, your cause. You'll learn how to be resilient and bounce back when the turkeys get you down. I'll show you how to embrace who you really are so you can stand in your light and help others do the same.

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