What’s Better Than Positive Affirmations?

What could be more powerful than positive affirmations?

Daily affirmations for women are a great way of staying positive but there’s something even better..

Much better.

Our brain is wired to answer questions – ask better questions and you get more productive answers.

Ones that can really get you rockin’ and rollin’ toward your goal.

Watch this quick video to discover how to ask yourself the kind of questions that will jumpstart your day, then leave me a comment in the section below and tell me what you came up with that is better than your current positive, daily affirmations!

Be bold!

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Rock your day! :-)

If you'd like more freedom, more income, and a more healthy lifestyle, you're in the right place.

I help women who have been taking care of everyone else, take charge of their own life and learn to be fearless, rich, and radiant so they can live a bigger story and go after their dreams before it's too late.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Better Than Positive Affirmations?

    • Yay, Marian – it’s easy to ignore statements since there is no requirement to respond. It’s much harder to ignore a question since it’s “unfinished business” to our brains. Let me know how it goes! – Ann

  1. Thank you so much Ann. This tip will cause me to have to start my day business minded. My first question for tomorrow is, “How can I best serve someone today”.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      That is an AWESOME question! Thanks so much for sharing it here, I’m sure lots of people (myself included) will be adding it to their repertoire. Rock your day! – Ann
      P.S. Love that you started with “How can I best…” too – bravo!

  2. God Ann, you are fantastic! I want more! When are you going to do more podcasts? I really found all of them fantastic and hope you are producing more. Out of all of the “self help” podcasts out there, so many are so disappointing. However, you offer excellent solution to real problems and that is what I need. You have a fan. Keep up the excellent work!