Creativity can build self-confidence!

Your entire life should not be spent solving problems- it’s exhausting and draining.

Being creative – bringing something into being – is not only energizing, it can also help to build self-confidence!

And that’s good news for anyone stuck in a world of “creative problem solving!”

Watch this quick video below to discover the difference between creativity and problem solving and how being creative can help you be more confident and energetic!

Be bold!


I coach strong, ambitious, high-performing, professional women who don't like to ask for help and don't have time for a coach! They tend to be independent, power-house women who take care of everyone and everything, often feeling like they're right on the edge of drowning...and no one can tell. Everyone just assumes they have it all together.

Because I see their situation from outside of it, and respect the enormity of what they are handling, I can coach them past their own limits and perspective. They feel less alone, make self-care a priority, and start to feel like themselves again so they can live, love, and lead with passion!

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Ann is an Executive Coach who works with strong, ambitious, high-performing, independent, professional women who don't like to ask for help.

They are self-starters in corporate America, entrepreneurship, non-profits, small business, or the military who want to further develop their leadership potential so they can advance with confidence and class, while earning what they are worth.

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