Creativity can build self-confidence!

Your entire life should not be spent solving problems- it’s exhausting and draining.

Being creative – bringing something into being – is not only energizing, it can also help to build self-confidence!

And that’s good news for anyone stuck in a world of “creative problem solving!”

Watch this quick video below to discover the difference between creativity and problem solving and how being creative can help you be more confident and energetic!

Be bold!

Dr. Ann Vertel is a personal development expert who helps women discover their passion and do work they love. By learning to profit from their knowledge, experience, and interests, they can live a bigger story and love their life again.

Ann is the leading academic authority on the success factors of online women entrepreneurs. She is a national speaker, writer, Psychologist, retired Naval Officer, P.E.O., Tri-Delt, and Toastmaster, as well as a happy wife and mom, westie lover, and travel buff.

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